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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                 211

their chateaux,  and the peasants again dance in
the woods on Sunday evenings.

During my present state of uncertainty as to
the future, I employ myself in answering all the
letters from my agents and the prisoners, every
other day, by the same post that brings them.
They never had so punctual a correspondent in
their lives. The De Mauldes now and then act
as my French secretaries, to order clothes for the
prisoners, or argue upon the value of their worsted

May TZth, 1797.

I can give no guess when you have heard
from me, or whether this will ever reach you;
but what I have to write is of so little conse-
quence, that it matters little what becomes of it.
My life here is perfectly rural and uniform. The
De Mauldes sing and play in the evening. We
live comfortably. I walk a great deal in the
morning, and have some hours' employment in
writing letters and overhauling accounts. The
weather is wet and boisterous, but as this sandy
soil is dry in a minute, the rain of many hours is
no impediment to our excursions the first fair